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5 Splitgate Tips to Help New Players Not Suck

5 Splitgate Tips to Help New Players Not Suck

The difficulty associated with most first-person shooter games is not one to be taken for granted. Splitgate, for one, isn’t an exemption as you may find it very challenging to even pass the early stages, especially as a beginner. But don’t worry, as you finally get to familiarize yourself with the gameplay, alongside some tactics, Splitgate can be so much fun.

However, to help where you encounter difficulties, you should employ some of the best Splitgate hacks you can find. But before that, read on to discover some tips to give you a smooth start on Splitgate. 

Tips for Splitgate Beginners 

1. Maximize The Use Of Portals

In Splitgate, strategically using the portal-casting feature can get you several steps closer to winning. If you’re yet to play the game, then you should know about portals before kicking off. Portals are gateways that players can create to help them navigate between two locations in Split-gate quickly.

The ability to shoot through strategically placed portals can grant you perfect ambush chances. So, since you are not the only one with the ability to use them, watch out for enemies portals. If you don’t, these portals can cost you severe damages. Also, while you may not see through the constantly pulsating portal walls, your grenade can destroy them, earning you a kill.

Also, avoid staying in portals for too long since the enemies can shoot through them. More so, if you choose to shoot from the portal, be alert for enemies that may choose to jump through them. However, you can close your portals behind you so that enemies can’t follow you through.

2. Use your hearing smartly.

Most shooter games allow you to hear the footsteps of other players in the game; Splitgate is not different. So while it may not always be an enemy, it’s safe to raise your guards whenever you hear them. Also, you should note that they can also hear your footsteps.

One trick, however, is that enemy footsteps are louder than friendly ones; learn the difference. So when you first detect an enemy, stop moving and take cover somewhere safe. This helps you to listen and easily locate where they are before they locate you first. Be careful not to wait for too long, though, just enough to get you an additional advantage.

3. Don’t Just Shoot, Be Technical.

In Splitgate, the trick is, killing them before they get you killed, so continuously fire that rifle. While just firing can keep you alive, headshots will give you a faster and easier kill. For example, in Deathmatch mode, players with more headshots come out with more points. This is because of the reduced number of shots they fire to get a kill.

Even when it is much easier to accomplish body shots, you should learn to always aim for the head. Even when you’re running, aiming at head level is an ideal practice if you want to come out on top. This also applies when shooting at enemy portals.

4. Maximize weapon use

When you get into Splitgate, you are handed two weapons. These weapons deliver such damaging blows if you know how to combine them properly. For example, the carbine should get you a kill with not more than three shots containing a single headshot. The assault rifle, on the other hand, can get you long-range shots. So if you can’t find those power weapons, stick to them and maximize their usage. 

But note, the weapon lowering and raising animation of Splitgate is so fast, allowing you to switch weapons quickly. A good strategy is to first fire with your carbine and then maintain the fire with your rifle. This is because the carbine delivers such a deadly punch that it makes it easier to complete the kill with a rifle.

Knowing just the right situation that requires different weapons is essential. For example, the riffle delivers more rapid shots with low damage. While the carbine, on the other hand, is slower; but can finish off an enemy with three to four shots. So, there are no superguns; there are only super shooters who know how to maximize their weapons effectively.

5. Familiarize with the environment 

Knowing your game map may be an obvious tip, but it is a very important one at that. Moreover, this lets you get to know where and when those power weapons spawn- which is also very important. 

A good way to familiarize yourself with the surrounding is by taking up racing modes. Races help you understand the map and rotation of portals in a way that will be of immense benefit. You don’t want to be at the mercy of enemies who dart across the map while you pop up and down with ten-foot-apart portals. So, you must know your map.


We are confident that the tips in this article will help you do well as a beginner. It also contains information that will help you increase your Splitgate gaming prowess and outmatch enemies. But the information above will be of no effect if you don’t practice. So grab a pad and make that desired difference.

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