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fifa 22 squad line up screen

86 new features introduced​ in FIFA 22

These small updates do add up and bring a breath of fresh air for FIFA fans
These small updates do add up and bring a breath of fresh air for FIFA fans

A new FIFA 22 update is now available for PC.

It is yet unknown when it’ll be accessible on other platforms or consoles — PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch.

In the near future, when it releases on other platforms excluding Nintendo Switch, console players will have the same 86 game updates, just like for PC.

EA has officially released the update’s patch notes, which include significant gameplay improvements, Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and many more.

The following modifications have been made:

  1. Matches will include players seeing their own equipped pitch line colors rather than their opponent’s.
  2. Transfer Market and Stadium search filters have been updated to align with the Transfer Market Player Quality search filter in terms of appearance and functionality.

Certain issues were resolved are as follow:

  1. Other instances where certain players might get an initialization message while trying to match in Division Rivals and not being able to locate an opponent have been addressed.
  2. After a match is lost, the progress bar on the FEX Champions Play-Offs Tile does not always display any information. It was only a cosmetic problem.

Each of the updates is little on its own, but they do add up and bring about quite many differences than the previous version.

These updates come at a crucial timing and have been much anticipated by FIFA fans worldwide.

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