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‘Alchemy Stars’ is a new RPG mobile game that’s becoming increasingly popular

WeChat owner Tencent is known for being one of the world’s biggest game developers.

Lately, the technology giant just released a brand new game, and it’s becoming increasingly popular in Southeast Asia and China.

Alchemy Stars as it’s called, is a hero-collection, strategy-based puzzle RPG mobile game with a great storyline.

Alchemy Stars is a puzzle RPG game

The game requires players to strategise their party of heroes to defeat their enemies.

Similar to many connect-3 puzzle games, Alchemy Stars players match adjacent tiles with similar colours to activate their character’s attacks, which “deal damage” to enemy heroes.

By connecting more colored tiles, players are able to unleash more powerful skills against their opponents.

The teams battle it out until one party remains victorious.

Alchemy Stars high end graphics
Alchemy Stars has very high end graphics.

If there’s one thing most players will notice about the game, is its incredible high-end graphics.

Alchemy Stars can be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store via the following website.