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Axie Infinity hits 4,900% increase in players; to reach $200 billion valuation by 2023

With over 800,000 daily active users, Axie Infinity now becomes one of the world’s fastest-growing video games.

The Axie community grew a total percentage of 4,900% since January having only 16,000 in its user base.

This milestone created a huge impact on the play-to-earn gaming economy using non-fungible tokens (NFT) to make money.

Axie Infinity expects that the game might be able to exceed a total valuation of $200 billion by 2023 creating a significant difference from last year’s $155 billion.

Players earn through breeding and trading Axie pets and deploying them to battle as well as creating a ‘land-based kingdom’.

For every trade, Sky Mavis, the developer of the game, charges a 4.25% fee to players which resulted in earning $287.65 million in only a week.

Generating income through Ethereum-based cryptocurrency Axie Infinity Shard (AXS), and Small Love Potion (SLP) utility tokens, Sky Mavis investors can vote on ecosystem updates and use a community treasury directly.

According to Token Terminal, Axie Infinity remains as the highest-gaining ‘decentralized app project’ across the globe.

Faith Baltazar
I am a Journalist at MEGPlay and I'm from the Philippines.