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Beepmix Payments Malaysia lower fees

Beepmix is helping Malaysian streamers easily get paid with lower transaction fees; simply share a link

Beepmix, a company offering cashless payment solutions, is now helping streamers (and esports enthusiasts) in Malaysia easily get paid online.

The company touts significantly lower transaction fees than many of its competitors, and even supports loyalty features such as Cashback, reward points, and more.

Key Highlights

  • Streamers in Malaysia can now easily accept payments with lower transaction fees (higher profit) with Beepmix.
  • Payments can easily be accepted simply by sharing a link or scanning a QR code.
  • All major payment methods are supported, including GrabPay, which is becoming increasingly popular in Malaysia.
  • Streamers can also turn on Cashback (rebate discounts for returning customers), which is automatically processed during payments.

Why It Matters

  • Beepmix lets streams pay by keying in the amount after visiting the payment link, saving streamers time in having to create a dedicated link for each payment / product.
  • High fees reduce profitability of streamers (and online merchants), which Beepmix aims to solve.
  • Cashback increases customer retention rates by over 70%, especially with online purchases.
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