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League of Legends Chronoshift shut down by Riot

“Chronoshift” was developed by League of Legends fans; gets shut down by Riot Games

League of Legends has evolved tremendously over the years, and many players miss the “old school” game back in the early days when it first came out.

This led to a group of fans devloping “Chronoshift“, an old version of the game that can be played as a “legacy server”.

The Chronoshift project brings back the old League of Legends gameplay.

Riot Games legally shuts down Chronoshift

Unfortunately for the fans, League of Legends creator, Riot Games, didn’t take this too well.

The game developer issued a legal request to cease development on “Chronoshift”, stating that the company’s legal guidelines specifically prohibit the use of their characters in other games.

This had led to Chronoshift shutting down its operations completely

Chronoshift project gameplay
Chronoshift project gameplay.

Chronoshift was just a fan made project

Chronoshift was a fan project made in 2020 to “capture the old-school magic of League of Legends”.

Its developers used emulation techniques to recreate an experience with older graphics, outdated maps, and just 65 champions (there are 155 champions available in League of Legends today).

“We wanted to allow people to experience these older modes along with the slower paced gameplay that made this version of ‘League’ very different from the modern game,”

Mentioned a “Chronoshift” developer,