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Ghost Experience for Ghost Recon Breakpoint aims to solve the games issues

Ghost Experience for Ghost Recon Breakpoint aims to solve the games issues

It's shaping up to become yet another comeback story for Ubisoft.

MEGPlay 9 Mar, 2020

Ubisoft has shared the release date for the biggest update yet for Ghost Recon Breakpoint. With the Ghost Experience, the developer is promising to iron some of the biggest grievances gamers originally had with the lackluster open-world shooter. Watch the new trailer to see more the exciting changes that are coming with the update later this month, on March 24th.

When Ghost Recon Breakpoint launched last summer, it was immediately slammed down by both critics and gamers alike. The highly-anticipated sequel to 2017’s hit Wildlands not only failed to replicate the awesome open-world co-op experience, but it also introduced a bunch of new issues. Chief among these were pay-to-win systems – which were previously removed already -, an overbearing focus on leveling and general bug problems.

The launch of Breakpoint was so catastrophic that it even lead to Ubisoft delay all their future games and radically change the company strategy in terms of game development in general. That’s massive. But leave it to the talented folks at Ubisoft to learn from their mistakes. They have proven it with the insane turnaround of Rainbow Six Siege after all, that they do listen to fan feedback....

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