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Mobile Legends Tips: Hero counters to Guinevere

Mobile Legends Tips: Hero counters to Guinevere

Suggestions on hero to counter the hybrid mage fighter Guinevere

MEGPlay27 Apr, 2020

Guinevere is a beast when it comes to ganking. Possessing a blaster ultimate that if coupled with an accurate 2nd skill that is capable of locking down multiple heroes, she is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Both in helping to set up ganks as well as a team fight lockdown, she excels in going right after the Marksmen and also mages as both classes hide behind the tank and fighters at the frontlines. We are sharing several hero counters to Guinevere and theoretically each play a different role in how to counter the hero.


This cute character perhaps doesn’t inspire fear in the enemy based on looks alone. However, she possesses several crowd controlling skills that will wreak havoc on a Guinevere hero trying to complete her rotation and escape. Nana can place her Molina Smooch second skill ahead of area’s where Guinevere is likely to try and ambush enemies. Furthermore, her passive Molina’s Gift will render her immune for a short period of time with increased movement speed to escape from Guinevere if she gets caught by the hero. If timed correctly, Nana’s ultimate is also a very scary damage and crowd control aoe spell for the opposing team....

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