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How has Covid-19 changed mobile gaming?

How has Covid-19 changed mobile gaming?

Game developers adapt their games in light of the pandemic

MEGPlay 7 May, 2020

Mobile Games has seen a marked rise in the number of downloads and hours played in general but look closer and you will notice that several mobile gaming series have started to now adapt to their player base’s new demands brought about by the pandemic. Mobile game developers in particular have been offering more free gifts and have been adding in new playable content to further expand the things people can do within their gaming applications. Furthermore, there are those that have also launched campaigns focused around charity and celebrations adapted locally to the region or nation which the games are being played.

Just take for example, Tencent’s recent addition of the Artic survival mode to their Players Unknown Battlegrounds Mobile title. The mode introduces a new level of gameplay in which players now have to contend with the weather and the various challenges that come with it on top of the usual threat that comes from opposing players. Moonton on the other hand has launched its 515 Celebration “Party Legends” which include a theme song for the event for its MOBA Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

Several titles have also actively shared the message for social distancing to further aid the World Health Organization in spreading its message. These are one of the ways these games have also helped raise awareness about the Global situation and many also provide practical guidance about washing hands regularly and the importance of personal cleanliness....

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