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Yin-Yang Geomancer Luo Yi available this Saturday

Yin-Yang Geomancer Luo Yi available this Saturday

A sneak peak at the new hero making her grand entrance this Saturday in the Land of Dawn

MEGPlay13 May, 2020

Players, get excited! There will be a new hero Luo Yi unveiled this Saturday. Players logging into Mobile Legends Bang Bang this Saturday will be rewarded with Lou Yi for FREE! Yes you read it right guys. No battle points and diamonds needed for this alluring beauty of a hero.

She may look demure and gentle, but by the looks of her introduction video she is a formidable spell caster with her Yin and Yang combo's able to wreck havoc on enemy teams especially if they cluster together with opposing yin or yang marks.

Luo Yi seems to have good early lane dominance and looks to be an absolute beast when it comes to supporting an initiator....

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