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How to calculate PUBG Mobile's new Kill Death Ratio?

How to calculate PUBG Mobile's new Kill Death Ratio?

Explaining the math behind the new K/D ratio for PUBGM

MEGPlay28 May, 2020

Several new changes have been introduced with the PUBG Mobile Season 13 update. Amongst the changes include a change to the way the Kill vs Death ratio  or K/D ratio is calculated.

Earlier K/D ratio was calculated based upon the basic calculation of how many kills a player has compared up against how many deaths he has. For most traditional shooter games like CS:GO and COD Mobile, this system works, however it is obviously not a fair measure of a player's skill level when it comes to a Battle-Royale style gameplay.

So Tencent has basically introduced a new system altogether for the K/D ratio calculation and what it takes into account is the number of kills a player gets in each game. This is taken regardless of whether the player survives till the end or not. So just to recap, the ratio is now calculated based on total number of Kills player's get vs the total number of games played by the player....

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