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Keeping Gamers at their Best with Adidas Body Care

Keeping Gamers at their Best with Adidas Body Care

Why gamers prefer Adidas body care products

MEGPlay 2 Jul, 2020

Modern gamers are now active and constantly on the go with a healthy social life that requires them to be at a 100% throughout the day.

Image source : AKA Esports Alpha Facebook

The Adidas power pack anti-perspirant range from Adidas caters for both men and women, offering the best personal care products for you to stay fresh and sharp no matter the situation.

Formulated to ensure up to 72 hour protection, Adidas power range ensures its user wetness protection and combines with its Smart Body Response Technology that actually adapts to the user’s body reaction. Stimulated by heat which activates the formula, the antiperspirant releases fragrance in response to higher body temperatures caused by sweat and friction from movement....

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