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Influencer Spotlight: Little Sister

Influencer Spotlight: Little Sister

Little Sister had some insights to share with us regarding her life.

MEGPlay 6 Jul, 2020

Megplay caught up with cosplayer Little Sister and she had some insights to share with us regarding her life. Firstly, being a cosplayer and an influencer, Little Sister is invited to most gaming events particularly Mobile Legends Bang Bang events such as MPL, the 515 events and also several gaming tournament. Her illustrious achievements include the 2019 Best cosplayer (Wonder Melody), 2019 Best female Cosplayer (WCS), Professional winner(umec) and the 2018 Best makeup(Hog).

An avid gamer, she usually plays games in her free time. Her preferred genre of games are MOBA, RPG and also strategy games. This is a source of inspiration for her as she gets acquainted with female characters in game and once she starts to understand and love that hero, cosplays the character.

Taking her first steps into the world of cosplay in 2016, she admits that she initially was not very skillful in her passion and as such had trouble making costumes and props much less use makeup. This did not dissuade her as she persisted and continued with her passion and improving day by day. She even started studying how to create costumes and also watched several make up tutorials to improve her craft. The source of her learning came from YouTube, Pinterest and Google....

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