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PUBG Mobile Zombie Infestation is returning for Halloween

PUBG Mobile Zombie Infestation is returning for Halloween

Zombies are coming back to PUBG Mobile

MEGPlay17 Oct, 2020

15 days to go before Halloween and with that, the PUBG Mobile game is already preparing for the return of the zombie mode, which will allow players to enjoy the infection mode again.

For those who don’t remember, this game mode divides players into two groups: zombies and defenders, which forces monsters to kill guerrillas to win the game, but you have to keep an eye out for it. clock because there is a limited time.

If the Defenders are in the majority and only one zombie is alive, you will have to hide as much as possible so as not to turn to dust. The craziest thing about this format is the fact that every dead defender becomes an opponent when they resurface on the battlefield....

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