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CS: GO Player Jailed

CS: GO player jailed 8 years for stealing an in-game item

A Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) player will be serving 8 years of jail time for stealing an in-game item (a knife) worth $1400 through fraudulent means.

The “virtual thief”, who was reportedly supposed to help another player sell the in-game item for real money, ended up fleeing with the money instead.

News of the theft made headlines on Czech National Television, subsequently going viral across social media.

In-game items such as “skins” and “equipment” have become more and more valuable (and in demand) in recent years, and can even be sold for real money today.

This has led to more scammers seeking opportunities to take advantage of gullible players.

Unfortunately for many gamers (especially those in their teens), they have fallen victim to such tactics and are unable to recover their items at all.

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