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Dota Valkyries founders

Dota Valkyries launches new platform to support female gamers

Dota Valkyries, a new community to support and further represent female Dota 2 players, has just launched.

Monitored by volunteers, Dota Valkyries will provide assistance to both professional and casual gamers of Dota 2.

The organization will be split into two divisions – the first will focus on the players and streamers’ improvement, the other will be on ensuring female representation.

Dota Valkyries was founded by female gamers.

With the ambition of bringing more women into the game at the “highest competitive level”, artist and gamer ‘ValkyrjaRuby’ and Women in Gaming International (WIGI) ambassador, Emma Brown, co-founded Dota Valkyries.

“There are no physical limitations that prevent women from competing in esports at the same level as men. We understand how significant the success of this project could be, and intend to work as hard as we can to make our goals into a reality,”

a representative from Dota Valkyries stated.

Honing more female professional Dota 2 players

Moreover, Dota Valkyries will be a venue for “all women and girl gamers” around the world with the hope of honing more female pro Dota 2 players in the future.

“This is an amazing initiative that has been much needed for a long time. Kudos to the team working on making Valkyries a reality. I cannot wait to follow and support this mission,”

says Kelly Ong, CSO of Alliance.

Further details about the organization as well as the process of recruitment are still yet to be announced.

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