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Singapore’s ESPL Esports Platform just got a USD 7-figure funding to grow.

Esports Players League (ESPL), a media and tournament platform for esports based in Singapore, has just raised a large amount of funding (7-figures) to expand its services to more places.

The company was founded back in 2019, and in just a short span of 2 years, has reached millions of people across the world.

Key Highlights

  • ESPL raised a 7-figure funding round from investors. Some of them include RidghtBridge Ventures, Genting Ventures, Warner Music, and more.
  • The company also announced that it will be working with Warner Music Asia to bring both music and esports at digital/live events.
  • ESPL has also just launched espl.gg, a new website featuring esports tournaments, streams, media, and much more.

Why It Matters

  • ESPL has grown rapidly in just a span of 2 years, largely due to the global pandemic.
  • The company now has a presence in 16 countries across Asia, Europe, and America.
  • Since its launch, ESPL has organized over 312 tournaments with over 11.6 million content viewers.

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