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There’s now an Esport Monopoly game; and it’s pretty cool

One of the most popular esports tournament organisers, ESL Gaming, has just launched a new Monopoly game based on esports.

Also known as Esport Monopoly, the new release is a twist on the classic board game in which players can buy major tournaments instead of real estate.

esport monopoly game pieces
Image credit: ESL

Just a different “spin-off” of Monopoly

In Esport Monopoly, the game pieces have been replaced with gaming-related items such as keyboards, headphones, the ESL logo, trophies, and a chicken (ie: “Winner, winner, chicken dinner”).

And instead of buying 4 red houses and 1 green hotel, players purchase major esports events like Dreamhack or ESL Katowice, as well as invest in leagues and sell tickets / merchandise.

And yes, players can still end up in jail if they land on the wrong box.

ESL Esport Monopoly
Image credit: ESL

No real estate, just esports tournaments

Despite the different look and design, the game is still pretty much just a spin-off of the good ol’ Monopoly, where Monopoly fans who love gaming may even end up buying it.

One thing for sure is, the game will definitely bring forth lots of exposure for ESL.

Esport Monopoly is available on the ESL Gaming store and sells for $60.99 at retail stores.

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