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Watch: FAU-G, another PUBG clone emerges in India; players not impressed

On January 26th, a new first person shooter (FPS) game launched in India.

The game, also known as Fearless and United Guards (or FAU-G for short), is a new game similar to PUBG Mobile developed by nCore Games.

In just a week from launch, FAU-G became the top free game on India’s PlayStore, with over 5 million people downloading the game to try it out.

Much of the game’s hype can be attributed to PUBG Mobile’s existing players — as many people were unable to play PUBG Mobile due to the government’s decision to permanently ban the game back in January.

FAU-G India
FAU-G Gameplay is similar to PUBG Mobile.

FAU-G received mixed reviews from players, with an average 3-star rating on the Play Store.

Many reviewers stated that the game felt “incomplete” and “just awful” compared to PUBG Mobile, some even coming up with memes of the game — setting off a #FAUG trending hashtag on Twitter.

Despite much negative reviews, many were supportive of the game — proudly stating that it is a “product of India”.