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final fantasy vii remake

Watch: Two Final Fantasy VII games are coming to Mobile.

Final Fantasy fans (especially those who love FFVII) will have plenty to look forward to with the announcement of 2 new games by Square Enix.

The 2 new games will be coming to both iOS and Android, and will expand on FFVII’s existing storyline.

crisis core remake

Ever Crisis and The First Soldier

One of the games will be a free-to-play RPG titled “Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis” and the other will be a Battle Royale styled game called “Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier“.

Ever Crisis should feel familiar to fans as it follows a “chapter-structured single player experience” that includes the events from the original game, as well as expansions and new story elements all in a free-to-play RPG title.

Ever Crisis teaser trailer

Ever Crisis will also tie in with the story of The First Soldier, bringing greater depth to the game’s expanding storyline.

teaser trailer showed how players will use guns, swords, and magical abilities to defeat enemies from a first- and third-person perspective.

The First Soldier teaser trailer

Both games are due for release on Android and iOS in 2021 and 2022 respectively, with First Soldier due later this year followed by Ever Crisis in 2022.

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