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Genshin Impact Dragonspine

Genshin Impact launches first new map zone – Dragonspine

Popular new mobile game, Genshin Impact, has launched its first map addition to the land of Teyvat.

The new zone, named Dragonspine, brings players through an icy landscape in-line with the Christmas holidays and add’s a new chilly status effect, a new in-game event, and a host of other changes.


The new status effect called “sheer cold” will be activated once players stay too long outside om the freezing sub-zero climate of the mountain and their character will start taking health damage. 


Walking through a snowstorm of swimming in the cold will increase the rate of sheer cold accumulation.

Players will have to manage this effect by moving close to heat sources such as bonfires and torches.


The rest of the game updates have been published on the game developer, Mihoyo’s official website here.

Full update notes with bug fixes, new character details can be found here.

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