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Krafton PUBG Stock Market

PUBG creator Krafton plans to raise $5 billion from the stock market

Krafton, the South Korean company behind popular game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is looking to raise up to $5 billion (5.6 trillion won) from the stock market.

If they succeed, Krafton would be the first company in South Korea to raise more than $5 billion from the Korean stock market (Currently the company taking the #1 spot is Coupang, which raised $4.6 billion in March).

When that day comes, Krafton will be worth more than $25 billion, and ordinary people will also be able to buy their shares.

Currently, Krafton is looking to sell their shares between $400 to $500 a share, and will finalize the price by 9th July.

Krafton will officially be listed on the stock market on 22nd July.