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League of Legends

League of Legends Patch 11.7 released; Here are the details of nerfs/buffs

League of Legends Patch 11.7 has just dropped, with several significant changes to champions in the game.

While the famous Everfrost is programmed to obtain a nerf in the new update, Udyr will be taking a ‘big hit’.

Since Udyr is still considered one of the strongest, he’ll be receiving a new nerf in its Turbo Chemtank and abilities as a whole.

Turbo Chemtank’s strength will also cause the decreased effectiveness of champions Hecarim and Udyr.

Moreover, Hecarim and Rell are also among the ones to be receiving a nerf in this update.

League of Legends champion, Udyr

Other popular champions like Kindred, Braum Amumu, Yasuo, and Ashe will be receiving significant buffs.

When it comes to items, Everfrost will be receiving ‘efficient items’ to be used in building Ahri and Sylas; item buffs will also be effective on Serylda’s Grudge and Trinity Force.

Furthermore, the update will also be the end for some champions and will be pushed out of the meta due to their ineffectiveness and being ‘outclassed‘ by others.

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