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League of Legends patch 12.12 features new skins, buffs, and nerfs

As expected, some champions had to go through buffs and nerfs but the update also came with new skins. 

Last June 23, League of Legends released patch update 12.12 which nerfed and buffed champion favorites. 

Here is the list of champions that went through significant changes after the patch.

  • Amumu – Buffed
  • Annie – Buffed
  • Bel’Veth – Nerfed
  • Blitzcrank – Buffed
  • Dr. Mundo – Nerfed
  • Fiona – Nerfed
  • Heimerdinger – Buffed
  • Ivern – Buffed
  • Janna – Nerfed
  • Jarvan IV – Buffed
  • Katarina – Buffed
  • Lucian – Nerfed
  • Seraphine – Buffed
  • Shaco – Nerfed
  • Singed – Nerfed
  • Soraka – Buffed
  • Viego – Nerfed
  • Yorick, Buffed
  • Yuumi – Buffed
  • Zeri – Nerfed

Aside from these, the patch also surprised players with iced-themed skins for some characters including Illaoi, Kayn, and Caitlyn.

The Snow Moon Caitlyn skin, which can be purchased for 1350 RP, features a figure of a skilled sniper with a chilling character who once had a warm heart.

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For the same amount, Snow Moon Illaoi personifies the message “world free of the madness that consumes it” with the aim to maintain order with an icy resolve.

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Also  for 1350 RP is the Snow Moon Kayn skin, which brings the notion of a Blood Moon demon within.

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Lastly, the Ashen Knight Pantheon skin can be bought for 100 ME, showing a much braver, and stronger champion bringing into light the story that “humankind might see that they were their own masters” after slaying a god in battle.

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Faith Baltazar
I am a Journalist at MEGPlay and I'm from the Philippines.