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MEGPlay Esports Gaming Telegram Channel

There’s a new Esports Telegram Channel ; $100 given to a lucky person on 1st June

Telegram is becoming increasingly popular as of late, especially with gamers and esports enthusiasts.

As of today, a new Telegram channel has just been set up by the team at MEGPlay, and it includes a special giveaway for 1 lucky participant.

On 1st June 2021, MEGPlay will give away $100 to one lucky person in the channel, who will be selected at random.

Results of who the winner is will also be announced in the Telegram channel on 1st June.

Moving forward, MEGPlay will begin sharing esports news/tournament updates on both Facebook and Telegram, with some exclusive content reserved just for the Telegram channel.

The Telegram channel is open to the public, and anyone can join the channel via the following link.