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Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.52 YVE

New Patch (1.5.52) for Mobile Legends coming soon with new hero: YVE

Mobile Legends is about to have a new update in February, with some pretty big updates coming to patch 1.5.52.

The announcement was made earlier this week on Mobile Legend’s official social account:

The biggest announcement about the new patch is that there will be a new hero, YVE. The game will also include tweaks to existing heroes to improve the game balancing.

Below are the main changes coming to the new patch:


The new Mobile Legends hero in patch 1.5.52 is YVE, a mage that is apparently “overpowered in team-fights” — dealing an “extremely high amount of damage” and has a long skill range.

The hero is highly suited for players who are skilled with kiting and dealing burst damage to enemies, much like Mathilda, Vale, and Valir.

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The new patch also includes some major changes to existing heroes, notably buffs with the following characters:

  • Barats: Increased defensive stats. Extra damage dealt in first phase has been reduced and physical DMG dealt in second phase has been increased.
  • Carmilla: Health points regeneration from first skill has been increased.
  • Granger: Basic attack damage has been increased (can be potentially dangerous early game).


Mayhem Mode is making a comeback to Mobile Legends in this new patch.

This game mode has been very popular previously, but was taken down by Moonton temporarily.

The mode will be available together with the new hero in mid February.


Improvements to the game’s UI will also be added, with the introduction of role suggestions for teammates in draft mode.

In the new patch, players will be able to suggest a role for their teammates while in the draft mode, which is crucial in ensuring the team composition mechanics has an increased chance of winning.

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