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3 best heroes to counter Ling in Mobile Legends Bang Bang

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3 best heroes to counter Ling in Mobile Legends Bang Bang - MEGPlay

Player of Mobile Legends are now familiar with the assassin hero that can be categorized as irritating character with annoying ability, Ling!

It is because Ling can fly anywhere and it is hard to predict the whereabouts of the character during the play.

However, there must be a way of defeating it and here it is the three heroes who can counter Ling that can paralyze him!

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Let’s find out who they are!

1. Khufra

khufra guide mobile legends

Khufra is a tank hero who can easily block the progress of assassin heroes like Fanny, Gusion, and even Ling. Khufra can knock back jumping heroes like Ling when he transforms into a ball.

If Ling came face to face with Khufra, who was blocking his way, it would be difficult for him to move.

2. Chou


Chou is well-known for being the hero in Mobile Legends who can defeat any heroes, including Ling. Chou’s ultimate skill can stop an enemy’s mobility for up to 2 seconds, preventing Ling from running if he is hit by Chou’s ultimate skill.

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Chou’s initial skill has the ability to knock Ling off the wall if it is employed near him.

3. Ruby

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Ruby is one of the fighter heroes with annoying crowd control. Ruby can make Ling fall from the wall if he gets hit by Ruby’s crowd control skill.

Not only that, Ruby can pull Ling easily thanks to her ultimate skill. Ling definitely wouldn’t be able to escape easily if Ruby was nearby.

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