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5 Best Items to Counter Saber in Mobile Legends

Nurul IzzahNurul Izzah10 mo ago

5 Best Items to Counter Saber in Mobile Legends - MEGPlay

Saber is one of the most powerful burst-damage assassin heroes in Mobile Legends.

Saber should be able to effortlessly kill any opponent that isn’t a tank because to the huge damage.

Saber’s skill set allows him to deal a lot of damage. Saber is currently one of the finest single target damage heroes, although he has a vulnerability in team fights. Because the damage is decreasing, it will be harder to sweep the opponent.

Check out the list below for items that can be used to counter Saber:

Blade Of Heptaseas

Blade Of Heptaseas Item Icon

When facing Saber, if the opponent’s Saber hasn’t launched a combo yet, the player can usually burst him down first. Saber is effective since it is a weak and easily killed creature.

Heptaseas can be a profitable item, especially early in the game when its damage is significant.

Players can utilise Hepta to hunt Saber as the initial item, making it a powerful counter item for Saber Mobile Legends.

Wind Of Nature

Wind of Nature Item Icon

Wind of Nature is a powerful item against Saber, but players must have quick hands because it can entirely avoid the Saber combo, which is crucial.

However, because to its extended duration, this item is better suited for marksman heroes. Players with quick hands can totally evade Saber’s ultimate combo, making this item ideal as a Saber Mobile Legends counter item.

Winter Trucheon

Winter Truncheon Icon

Similar to Wind of Nature, where players can use it to dodge Saber’s combo damage. It’s just that when compared to Wind of Nature, Winter Truncheon is not as good as that item.

This is due to the fact that both items must be used quickly, but Winter Truncheon freezes you, allowing Saber to wait until you are ganked. This item is better as a Saber Mobile Legends counter item, except in team combat.

Twilight Armor

Twilight Armor Item Icon

This item is relatively powerful due to the high stats it provides (+1200 health points and +400 Mana). This item can be used against other heroes as well.

Twilight Armor is the most anti-burst defensive item, so this item could be handy. It will be quite effective against Saber and is light enough for you to carry.

Antique Cuirass

When used against Saber, Antique Cuirass is reasonably effective.

Players can battle with Saber as a physical hero, which is useful. Due to Saber’s high multi-hit rate, this item can also stack effectively when he attacks.

Try not to go solo when Saber disappears from the map because he is very strong when doing solo kills.

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