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Mobile Legends: 5 Ways to Counter Hanzo

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Mobile Legends: 5 Ways to Counter Hanzo - MEGPlay

Hanzo is a killer hero who causes a lot of trouble for the opponent team, particularly those who don’t know how to deal with him. Surprisingly, in a world where assassins frequently charge into the enemy’s backline and murder heroes, Hanzo is a hero who frequently falls behind his team. He might be a formidable assassin, but there are ways to counter Hanzo.

Hanzo can be countered in five different ways. Players may easily combat it if they approach it correctly, as shown below:

  1. Pay attention to the Hanzo indicator strap
  2. Always shutdown Hanzo in the early stage of the game
  3. Invade the enemy jungle
  4. Don’t hang out too often
  5. Use Aldous

As a result, fighting the opposing teams in games will be extremely difficult for Hanzo.

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Hanzo is also the fastest farmer in Mobile Legends, making him an assassin with quick items who can cause havoc for his opponents if left alone. Despite this, he has numerous flaws that many individuals and other heroes may exploit.

How to Counter Hanzo in Mobile Legends:

In this guide, we’ll show you how to counter Hanzo in Mobile Legends with tips and strategies. When ganged up, he is the simplest assassin hero to defeat because he lacks the ability to fight back.

So, here are some strategies for dealing with Hanzo on mobile legends.


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Hanzo is an assassin who is completely reliant on his ulti; without it, he is a useless hero. With his deadly ulti, Hanzo can deal massive damage to his opponent by sending his ghost.

However, he has a flaw in that his ghost rope indication can reveal Hanzo’s true bodily position. Hanzo is particularly easy to kill if you utilise nimble assassins or fighters like Ling, Fanny, or Silvanna because he has no way of fighting back other than jumping into his ghost and easily countering Hanzo.

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The thing that harms Hanzo is when he dies. Hanzo will run out of his energy stack and will be unable to utilise ulti without it. Always continue to gank in the early and mid game. This way will cause Hanzo to constantly seek for the stack and waste his time continuously.



Hanzo, who quickly depletes his energy stack, frequently searches the jungle for stacks by eating creeps or utilising S2 on the lane. If you’re fighting Hanzo, keep invading the jungle and don’t let Hanzo consume the creep. Hanzo’s farm and energy will be severely hampered as a result of this. You’ll be able to simply counter Hanzo this way.


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If having problems grabbing Hanzo’s real body in a teamfight, don’t gather too many heroes together. This is due to the fact that all of Hanzo’s ult talents have a lethal area effect. Hanzo will quickly kill the gathering adversaries, but the problem is that if you are too far away, Hanzo will easily kill you solo. Maintain a safe distance from your team at all times. As a result, it will be simple to defeat Hanzo.


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Aldous is a hero who is able to effectively counter Hanzo. The rationale is simple: Aldous ulti can be used to locate Hanzo’s true body and collide with him. Hanzo will almost certainly die because he lacks the ability to fight back against Hanzo.

These are the Mobile Legends tips and tactics for countering Hanzo. Because he frequently pressures his opponent, this assassin is a little tricky. Also read more article regarding Hanzo: “How to master & counter Hanzo in Mobile Legends: Best Build, Emblem and Gameplay Tips”

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