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99 Details From the GTA 6 Trailer

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99 Details From the GTA 6 Trailer - IGN

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We poured over every small detail of the GTA 6 trailer and found 99 observations hidden throughout the trailer for Rockstar Games' next criminal adventure.

It seems that Lucia and her partner will be in for a long and difficult journey as their relationship builds.97 - Love is a Long Road was a hit in 1989, which is a nice call back to the iconic 80s setting of the original Vice City.

The back of the shirt lists the locations the Dolls played on the tour, including GTA 4’s Liberty City and Alderney City, the three cities from San Andreas – Los Santos, Las Venturas and San Fierro – and, of course, Vice City.31 - In this shot of two guys shaking hands we can see the man in the foreground is wearing a dark blue bandana.

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