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Alan Wake 2: Building The Remedy Connected Universe - IGN First

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Alan Wake 2: Building The Remedy Connected Universe - IGN First - IGN

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Alan Wake 2's creative director explains how the upcoming survival horror connects to previous Remedy games, from Control to (sort of) Max Payne.

But how is that possible when Alex Casey is a fictional character, created by the titular writer himself? “[Alan Wake] can't write and a lot of things follow from that,” explains Lake of his tortured protagonist.“So here, coming back to this and him being trapped in The Dark Place and being trapped in his own mind and not being able to break out, it felt like a natural idea to bring Casey back.

It’s a beloved horror writer.“Obviously there are many different examples like, say, Stephen King,” notes Lake.“His works were definitely a big part of the inspiration for the original Alan Wake and he has this kind of a thing going as well.

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