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Beatrix Mobile Legends Hero explained

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Beatrix Mobile Legends Hero explained - MEGPlay

Mobile Legends has recently unveiled their new marksman hero called Beatrix and already players are starting to figure out ways to play her in battles.

Classified under the “Reap” alias, Beatrix provides consistent damage with her arsenal, but can be a pretty challenging hero to master (Mobile Legends lists her as a “high skill rating” hero).

Below is a video and explanation of her skillsets:

Beatrix Hero Abilities and Skillsets

Beatrix wields a collection of 4 different weapons on the battlefield which makes for some very interesting gameplay.

Mechanical Genius (Passive)

Beatrix wields 4 different weapons which each brings their own unique capabilities to the battle field.

Do note that Beatrix is unable to crit with each 1 critical rate being converted to 1 attack power.

Masterful Gunner (Active and Passive)

Beatrix takes 1 / 0.9 / 0.8 / 0.7 / 0.6 / 0.5 second to swap her primary weapon with the secondary weapon she has slung over her back, gaining an all-new way to attack and Ultimate.

While in battle, Beatrix is able to toggle between 2 weapons actively.

Tactical Reposition

Beatrix leaps forward and fully reloads her current weapon.

Note: This skill’s animation will change depending on the weapon she’s using but the effect will be the same regardless of the weapon.

Her weapons and their unique ultimate’s

Renner- Sniper Rifle: Single Bullet, high damage, long range. 1 ammo with a cooldown before you are able to attack again. 50% lifesteal

Bennet- Grenade launcher: Lobbed projectiles which deal AOE damage. 5 ammo. Ultimate drops a barrage of grenades within a large AoE. 25% lifesteal

Wesker- Shotgun: Deals damage in a fan-shape, short range, can hit multiple times if target is really close. 2 ammo. Ultimate is similar to basic attack but hits all around, can be cast twice. 50% lifesteal

Nibiru- 2 Uzi / Machine Gun: Quickly shoots 4 times, very fast attack speed. Similar to Clint’s first skill. 20 Ammo (4 ammo per shot, so 5 shots). Ultimate is a bullet barrage in a fan shape. 25% lifesteal

How to play Beatrix?

Here are a few key pointers to keep in mind when playing Beatrix:

  1. Beatrix’s basic attack has to be aimed, much like Kimmy’s attack – it will not auto lock with the exception of Nibiru. Each weapon has an ammo count, after which she’ll have a little reload animation similar to Granger.
  2. Renner and Bennet can even hit from outside turret’s range (like Layla).
  3. Do not stick to a single weapon only. Her different weapons do not share the same cooldown, so she can get off two ultimate’s in a short time span.
  4. Her basic attack can damage Natalia/Karina/Aldous when they have basic attack immunity or reduction. It will not trigger Tigreal’s passive as well as Basic Attack effect’s from items such as Blade Armor. It is also not affected by Masha’s Disarm. It is however affected by Silence from Helcurt or Natalia.

Higher Level tips:

While the majority of the public is utilizing Beatrix’s weapon combo choice of Bennet and Nibiru (Grenade and Uzi), the other weapons do provide strong benefits as well.

Beatrix’s greatest strength is her ability to choose the tools that best suit the situation alowing her to make changes to take advantage of specific situations.

  1. At the start of the game utilize Bennet or Wesker for creep clearing as the AoE clears the wave fast and has a chance of zoning out opposing heroes as well if they are melee.
  2. Renner is great for sniping and stealing jungle stacks at a distance.
  3. Analyze your hero composition and your enemies line-up and adjust your weapons accordingly. Bennet’s ultimate is great for opponents that clump together or to force them to scatter. Renner is great for poking down soft targets that are immobile. Wesker deals quick heavy burst damage to front-liners that like to rush in.
  4. Take note of how your opponents like to play or engage and adjust your weapons accordingly. If they like to rush in groups, naturally AoE weapons like Bennet and wesker will prove effective. If they have a slow glass-cannon in the backline’s that you need to target use Renner. Nibiru is great for ganking as the ultimate deals quick fast damage to a single target in a large fan shaped AoE.
  5. Item spec to your preferred weapon usage. Utilize semi tanking items if you are playing against assassins and utilizing Nibiru and Wesker. Build up pure damage if you are utilizing Renner.

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