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How to counter Brody in Mobile Legends; best hero picks and items

Constance LimConstance Lim2y ago

How to counter Brody in Mobile Legends; best hero picks and items - MEGPlay

Brody is a relatively new hero introduced in Mobile Legends, and has already become a very popular pick among marksmen players.

Since Brody was introduced back in October 2020, he has become one of the game’s top bans in draft pick matches for many months in a row.

Despite Brody being extremely a formidable opponent, more and more players have found new ways to counter his presence in the game.

In fact, Mobile Legends has also “nerfed” Brody several times in the past few months.

Moving forward, this guide is aimed at helping more players understand how to counter Brody better, as well as shed some light on strategies (as well as hero picks) that can be used to counter him.

Understanding Brody’s Spells and Capabilities

Brody is extremely powerful.

Not only is he capable of dishing out insane amounts of burst damage, he is also very mobile and has an extremely long shooting range.

In fact, it is very difficult to get near Brody as his second skill (corrosive strike) allows him to quickly “stun and jump away” from an opponent — allowing him to always maintain a safe distance from enemies.

As a result to that, many players tend to stay away from Brody, giving him plenty of opportunities to farm — which is also not a good idea.

How to counter Brody

Brody can be pretty easy to counter if he is dealt with early, and the key to countering him is to prevent him from farming.

The richer Brody gets, his damage and prowess grows exponentially (better items and level difference), making it a lot harder to take him down quickly.

Hence, it is crucial to try and disrupt Brody’s farming activities as early in the game as possible, preferably before he joins his teammates in group fights.

Most veteran players generally spec Brody for jungling (Retribution spell), as this will give him both a level and financial advantage over other players.

By disrupting Brody’s jungle farm early in the game, one can set him pretty far back due to wasted time and poor growth.

Disrupting Brody’s jungle farm can be achieved:

  • Sending a tank (ie: Tigreal) early in the game to push the jungle creep out of the attack radius, forcing it to reset (Brody will have to start all over with taking down the creep).
  • “Ganking” Brody while he is jungling — this is typically done by 2 heroes (1 with a stun and 1 more with high burst damage like an Assassin). By killing Brody early in the game (below level 4) while he is jungling, this will set him very far back.

Countering Brody during late game

If Brody is left unchecked for too long, he may end up getting too powerful during the late game.

In the event this happens, teams will need to re-focus their priorities to ensure his presence in the game is limited.

These can be done in a variety of ways:

  • Getting more defense items to prevent Brody’s burst damage from wiping the entire team out.
  • Having assassins prioritize “ganking” Brody during team fights (by baiting him to over-extend too far into enemy territory).
  • Split pushing lanes aggressively while rotating hero positioning.
Brody Hero Characteristics

Brody Item Counters

Brody deals lots of damage, and even more when his critical-strike hits.

What makes it scarier is that he is also able to attack multiple targets when he turns on his ‘ultimate’ ability.

Brody is also able to quickly create distance between you and him, making it harder to get near him to execute your abilities (especially if you’re a short ranged / melee hero).

But despite all of that, Brody attacks fairly slowly, and there are opportunities to take him down during the cool-down of his spells.

In other words, items you should get in countering Brody should be:

  • Items that give you additional armor to reduce the physical damage he deals to you.
  • Items that allow you to close the distance with him quickly (items that increase movement speed).
  • Items that allow you to ‘absorb’ damage if you’re on the verge of dying (Winter Truncheon and Rose Gold Meteor)

Brody Hero Counters

Here are a few hero counters that can be very effective against Brody:

Assassins like Natalia, Saber, Lancelot, Hayabusa.

Pretty much most assassins like Natalia, Saber, Ling, and Lancelot can be very effective against Brody.

Not only do these heroes dish high amounts of damage to marksmen characters, they are also able to close the distance with Brody very quickly (and even flee from battle very quickly).

Closing the distance to Brody is essential to taking him down, as his usual pattern would be to ‘stun-and-run’.


Johnson is a great hero to use against Brody as well, especially with his ultimate spell that allows him to transform into a car.

With the recent update giving Johnson a speed boost to his car-form, this can be a very effective counter against Brody as he will not suspect Johnson’s arrival while he is farming.


Chou can also be very effective against Brody, especially with his high burst damage and “stun-lock” ability.

Chou’s “stun-lock” is especially effective against Brody, as it prevents him from fleeing and attacking (since he is immobilised)


Eudora is very powerful, and arguably the only mage capable of unleashing insanely high amounts of burst damage in a split second.

Eudora’s ability to deal so much damage quickly can be extremely effective in eliminating Brody, as well as preventing him from farming by forcing him to return to the fountain to heal.

In wrapping up, Brody is not “all powerful”, and can easily be countered as long as he is:

  • Immobilized / taken down very quickly
  • Prevented from farming early game (continuously harassed)
  • Surprise attacked (Ling, Johnson, ganking)

As long as players work as a team and keep an eye on the map always, Brody will not be a significant threat at all.

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