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Coca-Cola Launches First Gaming Flavor, "Tastes Like XP"

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Coca-Cola Launches First Gaming Flavor, "Tastes Like XP" - GameSpot

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The three missions are getting 7 assists in a single game for the Ultimate Teamplay emote, earning 12,000 gold in a single game for the Ultimate Gains emote, and winning a game in under 20 minutes for the Ultimate Tempo emote.

The soda giant recently announced that it's partnering with League Of Legends in producing a limited-edition flavor of its Ultimate Zero Sugar soda, which it dubbed "+XP," for "the taste of experience points".

Described as "a unique and bespoke collaboration," each can of the soda includes a QR code that players can scan to enter the "Coca-Cola Creations Hub," which offers digital experiences themed around the drink.

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