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How to counter Guinevere in Mobile Legends; Best items and hero picks

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How to counter Guinevere in Mobile Legends; Best items and hero picks - MEGPlay

Guinevere is a beast when it comes to ganking (ambushing unsuspectingly).

Possessing a blaster ultimate that if coupled with an accurate 2nd skill that is capable of locking down multiple heroes, she is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Both in helping to set up ganks as well as a team fight lockdown, she excels in going right after the Marksmen and also mages as both classes hide behind the tank and fighters at the frontlines.

In this guide, we are sharing several hero counters to Guinevere and theoretically each play a different role in how to counter the hero.



This cute character perhaps doesn’t inspire fear in the enemy based on looks alone.

However, she possesses several crowd controlling skills that will wreak havoc on a Guinevere hero trying to complete her rotation and escape.

Nana can place her Molina Smooch second skill ahead of area’s where Guinevere is likely to try and ambush enemies. Furthermore, her passive Molina’s Gift will render her immune for a short period of time with increased movement speed to escape from Guinevere if she gets caught by the hero.

If timed correctly, Nana’s ultimate is also a very scary damage and crowd control aoe spell for the opposing team.



Being a hero that is slightly tankier, Kaja is able to withstand Guinevere’s burst damage and has a dash skill that helps to close the distance down on Guinevere and also an ultimate that locks her down, thus giving time for your team to finish her off.

Scouting ahead of your team or moving to likely ambush points which Guinevere will most likely lie in wait for an opponent, you can effectively shut down Guinevere’s ganking rotations.

This will aid tremendously as Guinevere is not a flash farmer and gets stronger mostly by accumulating kills on enemies.



Almost similar to Kaja, Uranus with his immense HP pool and damage mitigation can easily withstand Guinevere’s burst damage and disrupt her attempts to gank and earn funds.

Coupled with his regeneration abilities, this hero can be extremely difficult to go against for Guinevere.


maxresdefault 7

Minsittha is a hero with an amazing combination of skills to disrupt Guinevere.

His ultimate will completely lockdown Guinevere’s escape skills and render her unable to run.

He also has a hook type skill which will drag a Guinevere attempting to escape back into his teammates.



One of the safest marksmen to use against a Guinevere, Hanabi has a passive skill that allows her to be immune to a crowd control when her shield is active and at max capacity.

She also dishes out great amounts of AOE dps and has a lockdown ultimate to use on Guinevere and the rest of her team if they engage her.


saber mobile legends guide

One amazingly useful ultimate that locks down heroes if aimed and timed correctly.

Saber has the amazing ability to pretty much disrupt a wide range of assassin-type heroes that dare venture close to their marksmen or mages.

Of course, aiming and hitting it on the right target is another thing altogether, but in the hands of a really good player, this hero is one of the best in shutting down an opponent.

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