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Harith is now back in Mobile Legends META

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Harith is now back in Mobile Legends META - MEGPlay

Harith has always been a fairly average pick in Mobile Legends, up until recently — where there is a sudden rise in his pick rate in the game.

As new heroes came through the Moonton production line, Harith found itself replaced from being the top pick (or ban) as it dropped out of the META in recent times.

The hero also received several Nerf’s to his skill-sets till the point players switched their choice to mages with higher burst damage potential.

Heroes such as Lunox, Pharsa and Yve were given priority as their capabilities were deemed more useful to the team composition.

Nonetheless, players have recently began to utilize Harith once again in competitive play and tournaments such as the recent MPL (Mobile Legends Pro League) and other competitions.

Ahmad from Alter Ego, Renv of Geek Fam, and Antimage of Evos Esports are amongst the pro players that have utilized the hero in championships and normal matches.

The hero has now seemed to gain popularity to complete the team in the support and sidelaner positions making the hero relevant to the META once again.

how to use harith
Harith Mobile Legends hero wallpaper.

The hero which traditionally occupied the Midlane position has now shown incredible promise and effectively contributes to the game from the sidelane position.

His skill-sets are able to output a consistent and large amount of damage without having the need for items and buff’s making the heroes suitability for the Sidelane and support positions.

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