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How to counter Benedetta in Mobile Legends; Best hero picks and items

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How to counter Benedetta in Mobile Legends; Best hero picks and items - MEGPlay

Benedetta is one of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang‘s heroes, many people believe it is one of the most difficult to deal with.

With each basic strike, her passive, Elapsed Daytime, lets her charge in a specific direction.

Her abilities are diverse, but the most of them revolve around sprinting about the battlefield.

This is why she is so popular with Mythic players: she is extremely mobile and her skills are quite powerful.

So, how do we keep the Shadow Ranger from wrecking our ranked games?

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Here are three heroes that can make your life a little easier:

1. Wanwan

MLBB Wanwan

Wanwan is essentially Benedetta’s marksman counterpart. She has the ability to dash with each basic attack and can cancel crowd controls.

With being said, Wanwan is a difficult matchup because she can avoid all basic attacks and abilities with only her basic attacks.

A smart Wanwan player may also timing the activation of her Crossbow of Tang so that it occurs after Benedetta has cast Alecto: Final Blow.

2. Ling

MLBB Ling 450x253 1

Ling is just as irritating as the Shadow Ranger.

With Finch Poise, he can quickly enter and exit a team fight, and with the Tempest of Blades-Defiant Sword combo, he can even avoid all of Benedetta’s abilities.

Although the game isn’t particularly unbalanced, a good Ling player can outmanoeuvre practically anyone in the game, including Benedetta.

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3. Minsitthar


All of Benedetta’s basic attack and dash powers will be disabled with just one skill, King’s Calling.

The Shadow Ranger may hold the upper hand in the early game and in 1v1 circumstances, but once both heroes have completed their core items, Minsitthar will gradually get the upper hand.

Benedetta will either have to utilise her Alecto: Final Blow to get out of the King’s Calling area of effect or try to embarrassingly walk away without the passive effects of Elapsed Daytime if she is caught with the ultimate.

Benedetta Counter Items:

1. Truncheon

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2. Immortality


3. Spell ; Flicker

Flicker e1622964086802

Because Benedetta’s attack is quite slow, player can use Stun or Flicker to avoid the combination attacks outlined.

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