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How to counter Natalia in Mobile Legends: Heroes and Strategies to use

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How to counter Natalia in Mobile Legends: Heroes and Strategies to use - MEGPlay

Natalia is one of the most powerful and game-changing heroes in Mobile Legends, and also incredibly fun to play.

She is also one of the few assassin-class heroes that is capable of going invisible, making her play style very unique.

Not only does she she show up unexpectedly and deals huge amounts of damage in a split second, she’s also extremely difficult to catch.

This guide aims to help players understand how they can counter Natalia, as well as gaining a deeper understanding on the dynamics of the hero.

This guide will cover these key topics:

  • How Natalia is generally played
  • How to counter Natalia (strategies)
  • Hero counters for Natalia
  • Best items to counter Natalia

How Natalia is generally played

Natalia is the only assassin hero in Mobile Legends that has stealth abilities — allowing her to go invisible for short periods of time.

This makes her hard to locate on the map, and gives her the first mover advantage when attacking.

As an assassin, Natalia players tend to target heroes that are easy to kill, such as mages, marksmen, and other assassins.

Natalia typically engages in fights in 3 main ways:

  • Picking off weak enemy heroes as they are returning to their base.
  • Ambushing weaker heroes (mage/marksman/assassins) while they are alone.
  • Poking (blink-strike and running away) heroes until their health is low enough to take down.

On certain occasions, Natalia players may blink-strike into melee team fights while turning on her “smoke bomb ability” for physical damage immunity, while hack + slashing enemies to take them down.

Natalia players also generally use the ‘Execute’ battle spell, allowing them to deal a “burst-damage” killing blow once an enemy hero’s HP is low enough.

How to counter Natalia

So how does one counter Natalia? Here are a few popular ways:

AOE and targeting bushes

By doing area-of-effect (AOE) damage around bushes, this potentially brings Natalia out of stealth if she is hiding there.

When Natalia is out of stealth, she is dramatically weaker as she is unable to use her “blink-strike” ability.

At the same time, she will be forced to head towards another bush in order to return to stealth — this lets you easily anticipate her next move if there are fewer bushes around.

Sticking together as a group

Natalia is a very powerful 1-1 hero and tends to pick off heroes that are alone (or running away when they have low health).

As Natalia players love surprise-attacking opponents that are alone, it is crucial to stick together as a group to make it more difficult for her to make her move.

By sticking together, chances are she might even be brought out of stealth while lingering around, as she will need to be close to a bush to remain in stealth.

Using heroes that reveal invisibility

Heroes like Lesley (sniper) and Yi Shin Sun allows players to immediately reveal Natalia while she is in stealth-mode, especially at a time she is most likely to attack.

This not only deters her from attacking, but may give the team the first-mover advantage when attacking her.

Anticipate her next movement spot

Natalia is constantly roaming around the map from one bush to another.

As Natalia needs to stay in the bush constantly to remain invisible, chances are she will always be moving towards another bush within the vicinity.

Knowing this, players can cast AOE spells or have team mates hide in those bushes to prepare to ambush her instead.

Pick “Tankier” Heroes

Natalia is generally very weak against tanks and fighter-type heroes.

Playing these heroes make it very difficult for Natalia to win 1-1 fights, rendering her useless in the game.

In the event nearly every player picks “tankier” heroes, Natalia will typically focus on attacking the marksman hero. As long as the marksman is never left alone, Natalia may not be able to do anything in the game.

Natalia Hero Counters



This healer might be squishy and easy to kill alone, but moving as a group or supporting the marksman, this hero can easily use her first skill which will reveal Natalia if the assassin is anywhere near the healers vicinity.

This severely throws off Natalia’s timing of engagement and as a result buys a lot of time and saves a lot of damage done to her intended victim.

Furthermore, Rafaela’s passive also provides additional movement speed and as a result allows her and her comrades to escape the ganks with Natalia closing in.


Saber Mobile Legends MEGPlay

Saber is another extremely strong counter to Natalia.

Possessing an AOE first skill which throws blades in a circle around the hero, this skill if kept up constantly makes the window for Natalia’s engagement only open when the skill is in its short cooldown.

It severely hampers the timing of when Natalia can enter combat to ensure she deals the highest amount of damage and also escape unharmed. 

Saber also has a quick ground closing ultimate that instantly disables Natalia and as a result is able to buy his getting ganked a few precious seconds to escape.



A huge AOE ultimate and two aoe skills make this hero a formidable opponent for any Natalia player.

Add to that her passive stacking of HP and she becomes a semi tank over time and mitigates the burst damage Natalia does to the hero.

Natalia players have to be careful when engaging against Alice as they would not be able to go invisible under the AOE of Alice’s ultimate.



This hero is another hero that serves as a strong deterrent to Natalia approaching your team.

She has long range skills which stun, increase her movement speed and also an ultimate that locks Natalia in place.

To top that off, her lance skill also forms a barrier around the hero protecting her from Natalia’s burst damage capabilities.

Any Natalia on the map would be wary of engaging the team with a Silvannas lurking around for fear of the countergank threat which the hero provides.

Best Items to Counter Natalia

Natalia does physical damage with a fairly high critical-strike rate.

The worst case scenario would be Natalia blink-striking you and crit-ting, only to go back into stealth once more and repeat the cycle — dealing an insane amount of damage.

However, once Natalia’s damage can be significantly reduced, her effectiveness in the game starts to wane.

This becomes more noticeable during the late game, when heroes are a lot stronger and are equipped with better items.

Here are some items that are highly effective against countering Natalia:

  • Items with lots of armour: Helps in reducing a bulk of her damage.
  • Items that allow you to mitigate burst damage (Winter Truncheon)
  • Items with life steal, allowing you to out-damage her (great for fighters)

In Conclusion

Natalia players tend to focus on easy kills, early game, while picking off weaker and lone opponents.

She does not farm fast without items, and she is generally very weak.

Natalia is a hero that does not scale well and a bad start to the game can leave Natalia next to useless entering the mid to late game phases.

The key is to stick together, pick “tankier” heroes, and prevent her from farming too much in the game.

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