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How to master & counter Hanzo in Mobile Legends: Best Build, Emblem and Gameplay Tips

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How to master & counter Hanzo in Mobile Legends: Best Build, Emblem and Gameplay Tips - MEGPlay

In Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Hanzo is a heavenly assassin with an amazing collection of Burst, Area Effect, Buff and Astral projection abilities.

With his initial skill, he can take any jungle. He may also unleash his ultimate to turn into Demon Pneuma form, dealing immense damage to foes while his primary body remains unharmed.

In this article, we’ll go through a variety of strategies for dealing with Hanzo.

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Skill Analysis:

Hanzo has the standard four skill of one passive and three actives. Let’s look at Hanzo’s abilities in Mobile Legends and when you should use which skill to get most out of him in this guide:

Passive: Ame no Habakiri

When a non-hero dies, Hanzo gains 2 Demon Blood, and if it’s a hero, he gains 20 Demon Blood.

Skill 1: Ninjutsu; Demon Feast (Burst)

This ability is momentarily unlocked for 5.6 seconds if Hanzo makes 5 basic attacks to against creeps and minions.

Ninjutsu; Demon Thorn (Burst)

This ability is momentarily unlocked for 6.5 seconds if Hanzo makes 5 basic attacks to crawl underground and lunges forward, causing physical damage, knocking foes airborne, and earning 10 Demon Blood in the process.

Skill 2: Ninjutsu Soul Reap

Hanzo summons demonic spikes that cause immediate physical harm to the target place.

Skill 3: Kinjutsu Pinnacle Ninja

Additional 35 percent movement speed and 30 percent attack speed when moving through terrains.


For Hanzo, the Assassin emblem is ideal. To increase his skill effect, arrange your points in this manner. Remember to kill enemies in the physical pen part of this symbol; your final talent and movement everytime player kill an enemy. With this emblem set, player be employing Hanzo’s ultimate.

Assassin Emblem 768x412 1
Custom Assassin Emblem
  • Agility (+3)
  • Invasion (+3)
  • Killing Spree (+1)

If don’t want to utilise assassin but need more gold quickly, Jungle Emblem and this are a good option. This set focuses primarily on obtaining creeps for retaliation purposes.

Jungle Emblem 768x400 1
Custom Jungle Emblem
  • Thrill (+3)
  • Swift (+3)
  • Veteran Hunter (+1)


build 1

Build 1:

  • Rapid Boots (850 golds)
  • Demon Hunter Sword (2180 golds)
  • Corrosion Scythe (2050 golds)
  • Scarlet Phantom (2020 golds)
  • Berserker’s Fury (2350 golds)
  • Malefic Roar (2060 golds)

Early Game

After unlocking the first skill, purchase a lower-grade boot. Then spam the basic attack on creep five times to stack it. If want to Hyper, steal the enemy blue to bot lane to assist your mm, but if there is a tank there, clear the minion wave and take the red buff.

Mid Game

To prevent being ganked, all players need to do is collect time and follow the map. When a player is caught by an enemy’s CC, then player will die. In this phase, use skill 2 to get out of the difficult circumstance. By doing so, player will be able to obtain Demon Blood.

Late Game

Hanzo will shine the brightest on the battlefield at this phase, after about 8 minutes have passed and he has obtained the core goods. After a worthy initiate, Hanzo will use his shinigami technique on enemy squishy heroes. However, keep in mind that enemy heroes (Assassin, Marksman) may try to track player down, so choose your bush wisely during Ultimate.

If acquiring Hanzo’s real body in a teamfight proves difficult, don’t team up with too many heroes. This is due to the fact that all of Hanzo’s abilities have a lethal area effect. Hanzo will quickly kill the gathering adversaries, but the problem is that if you are too far away, Hanzo will easily kill you solo. Maintain a safe distance from your team at all times. As a result, combating Hanzo will be simple.

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