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Melissa Gameplay Tips in Mobile Legends

Asiyatul HusnaAsiyatul Husna10 mo ago

Melissa Gameplay Tips in Mobile Legends - MEGPlay

Melissa is a marksman, but her ultimate capacity to protect herself distinguishes her from other marksmen. However, in order to get the most out of any hero, a player needs a good understanding of the map. We may divide it into three sections based on her gameplay. Our Mobile Legends Melissa strategy guide contains the best early, mid, and late game strategies.

1. Early Gameplay Melissa

Unlock Skill 2 first, followed by Skill 1. During the laning phase, use Skill 1 to approach the adversary and Skill 2 to tie them to Muddles before harassing them with basic strikes utilising the attack speed bonus from Skill 1. Do not engage aggressively until Melissa gets her Ultimate at level 4, and use serious map awareness to discover absent heroes who may be hiding to gank. If Melissa is ganked, she can use her Ultimate to knock them back.

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2. Mid Gameplay Melissa

In this phase, players should maintain a balance of aggressive and cautious mindsets. Keep an eye on the map and rotate to assist your allies in achieving goals like as killing the turtle, stealing opponent buffs, or creeps after clearing lane minions. Look for opportunities to participate in teamfights and don’t be afraid to do so. Cast her Ultimate to block oncoming foes, then use Skill 1 to reposition herself. She contributes significantly to small-scale teamfights in mid-game because to her outstanding mobility and Ultimate mechanism. Another goal in this phase is for players to destroy as many outer turrets as possible. Try to secure as many objectives as possible in this phase to gain a gold advantage over your enemies.

image 1
Melissa on the MLBB battlefield

3. Late Gameplay Melissa

Players must be conscious of their location and timing at this time in the game. Melissa may do outrageous levels of damage to the foes she links with her Skill 2 after obtaining a couple of her core items. Melissa can completely devastate foes from the backline with a decent tank peeling, and her Ultimate also lets her evade any potential ganks. Melissa can steal Lord with a well-timed use of her Ultimate, which knocks back the opponent hyper and causes them to miss getting the Lord with vengeance.

If your team has a commanding lead and has taken down the majority of the enemy’s turrets, it is essential to freeze lanes so that foes cannot kill minions for gold. After pulling down Lord, try split pushing; don’t let Lord go to waste. Also, in the latter phases of destroying an opposing nexus, focus on targeting the nexus rather than trying to kill enemies if you have minions.

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