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Mobile Legends: Why is it so difficult to make 3 Guardian Helmets on Masha right now?

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Mobile Legends: Why is it so difficult to make 3 Guardian Helmets on Masha right now? - MEGPlay
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If you have been watching Mobile Legends Bang Bang competitively, you’ve probably seen some pro players construct three Guardian Helmets on Masha.

On the surface, it appears ineffectual since its unique passive, which regenerates 2.5 percent Max HP every second, does not stack. Furthermore, what is the benefit of having three of the same HP regeneration items on one hero?

It works surprisingly well, and here are some reasons why you should try it in your next rated game.

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Masha with many Guardian Helmets in competitive play

Both MPL PH and MPL ID employed this method regularly.

Tristian “Yawi” Cabrera of ECHO first demonstrated this unique build during MPL PH Season 9 Week 6 when he selected the hero against TNC and Blacklist International, winning both sets.

Masha was also utilised in the play-ins stage against ECHO by Renz “Renzio” Cadua. He was able to dominate in the second game, even securing a last-minute savage, the first Masha Savage in MPL history.

RRQ Hoshi roamer Calvin “Vynnn” and Rebellion Zion roamer Thomas “Vall” Galileo both utilised this item build efficiently in the regular season in Indonesia.

Vynnn employed Retribution as a hero versus Geek Fam, demonstrating how capable she is at infiltrating the opposing jungle.

The reason why Masha has to construct HP items in the current Mobile Legends meta

Dragon Armor Masha from Dragon Tamer MLBB skin series

In patch 1.6.66, the Wild-oats Fist gained a game-changing boost. Wild Power, her major offensive talent, now scales with her HP. Thunderclap, her ultimate, now scales with her HP.

The Guardian Helmet, on the other hand, has the greatest HP stat in the game, adding 1550 HP to your total.

Building as many Guardian Helmets as possible boosts her Ancient Strength passive while also significantly increasing her damage. Pros purchase three of the same item in order to upgrade them to Immortality for increased survivability, Cursed Helmet for increased AOE damage, and any boots upgrade for increased movement speed.

Masha was so powerful that Moonton had to provide an emergency nerf seven days after patch 1.6.66 was published only to balance out some of her abilities.

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