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Mobile Legends Bang Bang: The 3 Best Heroes to Counter Clint

Nurul IzzahNurul Izzah1y ago

Mobile Legends Bang Bang: The 3 Best Heroes to Counter Clint - MEGPlay

Clint is now one of Mobile Legends Bang Bang‘s most popular marksman heroes. The West Justice, known for his tremendous early damage, counters practically every marksman in the laning phase of the game.

Quick Draw, his first skill, is one of the most lethal harassing abilities in the game. When you’re up against him in the laning phase, you’ll probably have to tower hug for the first five minutes of the game, at least until backup arrives.

A potential and skilled Clint player can give other player a hard time in match ranking, but there are always ways to counter him.

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Here are the heroes that can make your life easier against the West Justice:

1. Beatrix

MLBB Beatrix

Beatrix is now the most popular marksman hero, and for good reason. She has four different guns to suit various scenarios, making her an excellent flex selection throughout the game.

Beatrix can use Renner, her sniper rifle, against Clint. The gun’s range allows her to deliver damage from afar, allowing her to avoid Clint’s talents, which have a much lesser range. Beatrix can just rush away with Tactical Reposition if he gets too near.

Beatrix, on the other hand, presents a more skill-based matchup. It takes some practice to hit an enemy with Renner, but she’s the best choice you have if you’re up against Clint in the gold lane.

2. Harley

MLBB Harley 1024x576 1

Harley is the most aggravating mage to face, especially if you’re a marksman with limited mobility. Clint is vulnerable to Harley’s Deadly Magic and Poker Trick combo since he lacks any solid dash skills.

If the cowboy tries to fight back, Harley can use Space Escape to run away. Using Harley’s Deadly Magic ultimate in conjunction with Poker Trick and Space Escape is an excellent strategy to deal with Clint.

A ring of fire is cast around an enemy hero for four seconds with Deadly Magic. After the ring’s period has expired, the affected hero will lose health based on the damage inflicted by Harley and his allies during that time.

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3. Belerick

MobileLegends Belerick

If you rely on basic assaults, Belerick is the tank you don’t want to encounter. With his passive, Deadly Thorns, the Guard of Nature becomes a walking Blade Armor, releasing thorns around him that deal damage every time he takes damage.

Ancient Seed, his first skill, taunts opponents caught in the region. If you’re up against Clint, just building Blade Mail and Antique Cuirass will make it difficult for him to inflict damage. Belerick may not be a top-tier selection in the current meta, but he’s still a good choice against heroes like the fast-shooting gunslinger who has high attack speed and damage.

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