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Mobile Legends Bang Bang: 3 Best Heroes to Counter Beatrix

Nurul IzzahNurul Izzah9 mo ago

Mobile Legends Bang Bang: 3 Best Heroes to Counter Beatrix - MEGPlay

In Mobile Legends, Beatrix is a marksman heroes with a comprehensive ability set that allows the player a lot of options regardless of the opposing lineup.

As a result, you’ll almost certainly face a skilled Beatrix player in your ranking matchups. In the laning phase, how do you counterpick her?

The Dawnbreak Soldier is a formidable foe, but there are three heroes who stand a chance against her.

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3 Heroes that can counter Beatrix during your play on Mobile Legends Bang Bang:

1. Natalia

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In the Land of Dawn, Natalia is a ruthless assassin who targets squishy heroes like Beatrix.

To begin with, Natalia’s outfit naturally provides her with a high level of mobility, which is advantageous against Renner and Bennett’s firearms.

Beatrix is knocked out by Natalia’s straightforward combo of Claw Dash and the Hunt. Before she can even fight back, the Dawnbreak Soldier will be long gone.

2. Clint

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If you don’t want to play assassins, you can choose to play as a marksman instead, as Clint is a good pick versus Beatrix. While he lacks Natalia’s mobility, he makes up for it with a massive amount of damage that can easily rip a Beatrix to shreds.

Quick Draw is a fairly efficient harassing skill in the early game, while Grenade Bombardment makes a kill practically inevitable after Clint hits level 4.

Wanwan and Karrie, two mobile marksman heroes, may be successful at sprinting around the Beatrix and evading some of her fire, but Clint doesn’t need to do so because his early game damage is very high.

3. Lancelot

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Lancelot is an assassin with the firepower and equipment to escape Beatrix’s ultimate.

Lancelot’s skills all contain dashes, which nullify many of Beatrix’s abilities. Bennett’s Rage, Nibiru’s Passion, and Renner’s Apathy can all be avoided by using Thorned Rose or Phantom Execution, meaning Lancelot is practically certain to win in a 1v1 match.

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