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Mobile Legends Bang Bag: The 3 Best Heroes To Counter Masha

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Mobile Legends Bang Bag: The 3 Best Heroes To Counter Masha - MEGPlay

Masha or as known as The Wild-oats Fist is a Mobile Legends Bang Bang fighter who gained several upgrades in patch 1.6.66.

She’s gone from being a niche option to having a high pick rate in both ranked and competitive games.

She is the only hero in the game with multiple health bars. She also deals more damage the lower her health gets, making her a priority pick against team compositions that lack burst damage heroes.

Fortunately, there are a few deserving heroes who can put a stop to her in the EXP lane.

These are three heroes that can counter Masha in Mobile Legends Bang Bang:

1. Belerick

MobileLegends Belerick TheDeepOne

Masha’s primary source of damage is her first skill, Wild Power, which boosts the physical damage of her basic attack. Belerick thrives in the face of heroes that rely largely on basic attacks.

To begin with, Belerick’s passive, Deadly Thorns, gives damage to the nearest hero whenever he is hit.

His initial skill, Ancient Seed, taunts foes trapped in its path. Two of those abilities are enough to put her to the test. Masha will be forced to auto-attack Belerick and activate Deadly Thorns if Belerick captures her.

Furthermore, after Belerick has completed Blade Armor, he will be able to shred her HP bar in a 1v1 battle. Belerick is considered the scourge of every marksman and basic attack-reliant hero in the Land of Dawn for a reason: he’s effectively a living Blade Armor.

2. Baxia


Baxia is an excellent choice for heroes who enjoy getting close and personal in team engagements. Baxia’s passive also allows him to reduce opponent heroes’ healing abilities when they attack him, which is ideal against Masha, who has switched to the overpowering three Guardian Helmets build.

Baxia may use Tortoise’s Puissance to deal continual damage surrounding him while utilizing Shield of Spirit to slow them down in team fights.

Baxia-Shield Unity can also be utilized to help Masha escape by giving him a far higher movement speed boost than she gets through Wild Power.

While it may be tempting to add some magical items to improve Baxia’s damage, it’s best to opt for a fully defensive build because his base damage is already high enough.

3. Dyrroth

dyrroth mobile legends 4K 53

In patch 1.6.50, Dyrroth, Prince of Abyss, gets a minor but significant buff. His second ability, Spectre Step, now has a shorter cooldown, making him much more manoeuvrable in team fights.

As long as you have your ultimate, Abysm Strike ready, Dyrroth can rapidly destroy Masha in the early game.

While the Prince of Abyss will have a harder time in a 1v1, Dyrroth poses a threat to the Wild-Oats Fist because he can still deal significant damage even when wearing defensive gear.

When Masha’s HP is low, Abysm Strike prevents her from reaching her full damage potential, as the ultimate talent deals more damage the lower the enemy’s life is. Dyrroth can quickly perform his ultimate to deal the killer blow once she has only one bar of HP remaining.

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