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These are the strongest Mobile Legends offlaner heroes as of February 2021

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These are the strongest Mobile Legends offlaner heroes as of February 2021 - MEGPlay

In Mobile Legends, the offlaner position within the team is a role that is easily one of the most crucial in the game’s current META.

The offlaner plays the key role of disrupting the main farm of the enemy as best they can.

The ability to play and operate alone without much assistance is also essential as the lane will usually be left unattended.

This makes the role a very challenging one for heroes chosen to occupy the EXP lane on the map.

Heroes with some “poke” skill and are sufficiently durable with decent damage are essential to be prioritized for this role.



Paquito is able to spam his skills which greatly aids in his role as offlaner.

Possessing a good combination of a dash skill, good damage and defensive skills, Paquito can be considered strong enough to hold his own in the lane and pressure his enemies.



Still considered a very strong and durable hero, she is a frequent ban as many pro players themselves prioritize her as a pick in tournaments.

The hero possesses a strong passive skill in the form of shield and strong lifestyle which outlast and wears down opponents in lane.

Yu Zhong

yu zhong

Yu Zhong is a hero that is capable of changing into a fearsome dragon, and is extremely strong as he is able to regenerate HP at a very fast rate with an arsenal of burst damage skills akin to a fighter.

With his selection of skills ranging from AOE, single target DPS and also stun-locks, Yu Zhong is a feared offlaner in the Land of Dawn.


Traditionally a tank by nature, his unique skillsets to turn into a wheel and increase his movement speed makes him an exceptional roaming hero which explains his effectiveness as an offlaner.

His passive allows him to mitigate damage and also affect the regeneration rate of opponent heroes frustrates opposition to no end which makes him a very proficient pick for the EXP lane.



Another hero that is traditionally a tank but is extremely adept at holding the lane — His HP regeneration capabilities and durability makes this hero capable of holding his own in lane against multiple opposition.

Equally capable of being the off tank in the team, the hero is able to aggressively pressure and get up in the oppositions face with his high durability while himself being able to dish out a decent amount of damage.


lapu lapu

Previously a forgotten hero, this fighter has now emerged as a popular and extremely effective sidelaner pick.

Possessing a host of skill-sets that have been buffed after the revamp, Lapu-Lapu is able to terrorize the side lane with his ridiculous burst and fighting potential.

His Bravest Fighter mode is not one to be looked upon lightly with most opponents forced to try and kite out the skill or rush to avoid being burst down.



Another hero that has been swept to the shadows in previous META’s, Kaja’s skill-sets makes the hero a viable alternative if the first choice off lane has been banned out.

He has sufficient wave clear and good poke damage to trouble the enemy core.

His ultimate remains one of the most effective lockdown tool’s for catching out enemies as well.



A hero that starts off as a mage, Alice quickly morphs over time into a tank with ridiculous durability and AOE damage due to her scary lifesteal and passive.

She possesses high mobility and an escape skill as the hero is able to move in and out of combat.

Her frequent pick in the previous M2 group stages is testament to the heroes ability within the current META.

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