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Mobile Legends: The 3 finest heroes in Mobile Legends to take against Karina

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Mobile Legends: The 3 finest heroes in Mobile Legends to take against Karina - MEGPlay

Play your cards carefully in Mobile Legends.

How to counter Karina in Mobile Legends; Best items and hero picks - MEGPlay

Karina is one of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s most adaptable assassin heroes. Despite the fact that many players prefer fighter or tank heroes in the jungle, the Shadow Blade remains a popular choice in both ranked and competitive play.

That’s because her passive, Shadow Combo, gives true damage every third strike on the same target, allowing her to do a lot of damage even with protective gear.

Fortunately, there are other heroes who can prevent her from abandoning the game. In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, there are three heroes that are strong counters to her.

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In Mobile Legends, there are three heroes that are capable of defeating Karina.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero, X.Borg

Real damage must be met with true harm.

With his initial talent, Fire Missiles, X.Borg, like Karina, does true damage. Because of this talent, he doesn’t reliant on basic assaults as much against Karina, which allows him to neutralise Dance of Blades.

In the same way that she thrives in long bouts, X.Borg is a beast in this regard. His Fire Missiles get more powerful as the conflict progresses. X.Borg can rapidly cast Last Insanity to secure the kill once she is down on HP.


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang skin, Star Student Lylia

While most mage heroes will perish against a fully built Karina, Lylia is an exception. A skilled Lylia player can time her Shadow Energy and Magic Shockwave combo to deal damage and slow her opponent down.

If the Shadow Blade manages to get close and eat a chunk of Lylia’s HP, she can cast Black Shoes to regenerate most of her health and reset her Shadow Energy charges. Don’t get fooled by her cute appearance, Lylia is one tough hero in the Land of Dawn.

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero Eudora

Karina, as a hero that thrives in long-duration team battles, struggles against burst damage characters, and Eudora is one of the top burst damage heroes in the current meta.

Despite the fact that most Karina players currently choose a tankier build, Eudora may simply develop Divine Glaive to do massive damage. One combination is enough to bring Eudora down once she reaches level four.

Eudora players facing Karina should use a Flameshot or a Flicker fight spell because she doesn’t have any escape abilities.

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