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Mobile Legends Tips: How to play a Solo Offlaner

Ming Chuang GanMing Chuang Gan3y ago

Mobile Legends Tips: How to play a Solo Offlaner - MEGPlay

The Offlane is one of the hardest lanes in Mobile Legends and is usually the top lane.

This position means you usually operate closer to the enemy’s safe side of the map and you can expect plenty of gank rotations and the least amount of support from your teammates.

To safely navigate through this process, one would need to keep in mind several things which we will highlight in detail below.

Anticipation of your enemy movements is key


Before the start of the game, it would serve you well to keep in mind the enemy’s hero picks.

Having a good understanding of their ganking capabilities will dictate the manner in which you position your hero and how much risk you can take.

You are most likely going to be double teamed in most of the ganks coming your way so positioning on the map is imperative.

You can also take note of the enemy’s farming rotations to know when you can push and when it is time to back off and take shelter near your tower.

Keep an eye out for a kill


In most cases, offlaner’s have to be passive and stay close to their tower due to the numbers disadvantage.

However this may not always be the case if you remain alert at all times as opportunities to gank and place pressure on the map will eventually present itself.

The enemy will not focus on you the whole game because there are obviously other lanes to deal with and your teammates will also be pressuring them at other areas across the map.

So bide your time and try to be as efficient as possible when you gank and in your farming.

Be aware of enemy movements across the mini map


As an offlaner, the minimap is going to be your most useful tool in your arsenal.

By keeping a close eye on the mini map, enemy’s will usually give little clues on their movements.

Subtle little hints you can pick up on the map include:

  • Which lanes the enemies are headed to gank
  • Where are the majority of their teammates located, your proximity to your teammates
  • Is an enemy hero isolated

Many other important information can be obtained from just gleaning at the mini map. Reading the map is a skill in its own right. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help


Be it a lane swap or a call for backup to hold the lane, you must not be afraid to ask for help when required or the situation gets a little too rough for you to handle.

A good offlaner knows the value of some support coming your way and this can easily make the difference in stopping a push or maintaining your viability to the team throughout the game.

Don’t assume your teammates do not need help


Yes the title “Offlaner” usually means you are a solo artist of sorts, but remember that you are still part of a team and as such do have responsibility as a teammate.

As per above on reading the enemy movements, know when you need to back your team up and when to push towers.

One tower you manage to bring down is not going to replace the networth the enemy gains by wiping 4 of your teammates and the networth opportunity loss to your team that follows.

Keep that in mind and ensure to always look for the opportunity to assist or at least know when your team needs your presence in a fight as well.

We hope you found this article interesting! We appreciate your comments and suggestions on topics to write about next! Till then GLHF from MEGPlay!

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