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Payday 3 - Release Date, Gameplay, And Everything We Know

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Payday 3 - Release Date, Gameplay, And Everything We Know - GameSpot

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Trouble (and a comeback) at StarbreezeThe game has been in development for years, and has survived a turbulent period at Starbreeze as the Stockholm-based studio was on the brink of bankruptcy after Overkill's The Walking Dead emerged as a financially and critically disastrous game and accusations of insider trading resulted in a police raid, although former chief financial officer Sebastian Ahlskog was acquitted of these charges.

Payday 3 is coming soon according to Starbreeze, but for now, the studio is keeping info on the game locked up tighter than a lost mouse in the Fort Knox gold deposit vault.

After years of secrecy and at least one police raid during dire times for developer Starbreeze, a new Payday game is almost here.

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