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Saber Gameplay Tips in Mobile Legends

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Saber Gameplay Tips in Mobile Legends - MEGPlay

Saber is a powerful assassin hero in Mobile Legends. To overpower foes in every match, a player must have a strong comprehension of the map. We may split the gameplay into three parts: the optimal game plan for early game, mid game, and late game.

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1. Early Game

  • If Saber is equipped with Retribution in the early game, you must accept the Purple boost.
  • Following then, you must select Lithowander to grow the Levy quicker.
  • You should proceed to choose Red Buff after selecting Lithowander.
  • At that point, you should be approximately level 4.
  • Then proceed to the gold lane and assist the marksman or carry the team before proceeding to pick up the turtle.
  • However, if it has Execute, it is advisable to travel to the gold lane for speedy farming.
  • Before attaining level 4, the combo skill is to utilise skill 2 and skill 1.

2. Mid Game

  • It is suggested that you pick a turtle after attaining level 4.
  • If you can’t pick it up on your own, you’ll have to enlist the assistance of a tank or another teammate.
  • It is worth noting that after acquiring the ultimate Saber talent, it is relatively simple to kill adversaries with a single shot employing a lethal combination.
  • Skill 1 + Skill 3 + Skill 2 is a lethal combination.
  • When using this combination, you must allow skill 1 to inflict damage on the adversary multiple times in order to maximise Saber’s passive skill.
  • You can use skill 2 to dive out after following him with his ultimate.


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3. Late Game

  • When the opposition is ganking in the turret region, Saber hero users will find it more difficult to engage teamfights.
  • Saber is not appropriate for ganking in the late game and is better used to ambush foes.
  • This is because his ultimate can only lock one opponent hero, making Saber very dangerous to surrounding adversaries.
  • As a result, it is advised that you wait for a tank or fighter to initiate a teamfight before ambushing the adversary.
  • Regardless of the circumstances, obtaining Immortality goods is critical in order to boost the odds of survival.
  • Saber, just like other assassin heroes in Mobile Legends, is weak against High CC heroes.
  • Having a Spell like Purify is very good against Saber’s one-shot combo.
  • At the same time, he is generally strong against marksman, mage, and other low HP heroes.
  • Saber can form a strong team with heroes Estes, Angela, and Nana.

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