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The Matrix 4K Box Set Is Only $40 For Cyber Monday

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The Matrix 4K Box Set Is Only $40 For Cyber Monday - GameSpot

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The Matrix: Deja Vu CollectionThe Matrix: Four-Film Deja Vu Collection (4K UHD, Amazon) -- $40 ($50)The Matrix: Four-Film Deja Vu Collection (4K UHD, Walmart) -- $40 ($50)The Matrix: Four-Film Deja Vu Collection (Standard Blu-ray) -- $15 ($20)John Wick: Chapter 1-4 Collection on Blu-ray -- $22 ($45)Back to the Future trilogy (4K UHD) -- $28.50 ($56)The first Matrix film, released all the way back in 1999, is arguably still the best of the lot and has held up surprisingly well over the years.

The Wachowski Sisters returned to direct the follow-ups, and with a bigger budget behind them, the action reached new heights across freeway chase scenes, a massive brawl in the Merovingian's manor, and all-out war in Zion between humanity and an endless number of killer robot squids.

A masterpiece of storytelling, action, special effects, and sound design, it's a lean-and-mean blockbuster that took the world by storm and broke new ground at the time with its slow-motion choreography.

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